Press Releases


24/12/2012  |
Press Release
The second phase of the capital support payment for the four banks was concluded.
01/11/2012  |
Event: “Reinventing Retail Lending Analytics” (Nov. 19 – 21/2012)
In an effort to promote the broader banking industry’s level of knowledge with respect to key credit risk management areas, HFSF offers an in-depth, technical event on advanced retail lending analytics.
27/07/2012  |
Press Release
Transfer of the viable part of ATE Bank to Piraeus Bank
04/07/2012  |
Speech of the HFSF President at the Economist Conference
Please find attached the speech of the President of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund Mr. Panayotis Thomopoulos at the Economist Conference.
28/05/2012  |
Press Release
The process regarding the payment by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund of a capital advance in view of its participation in the share capital increases of four banks was concluded.
22/05/2012  |
Press Release
Hellenic Financial Stability Fund unanimously approved the final text/version of the Pre-Subscription Agreement on the recapitalisation of Banks.
18/05/2012  |
Annual Report
Annual Report for the period 21/7/2010 - 31/12/2011.