Our CEO’s participation at the 4th NPL Summit (17/05/2022), and his presentation titled “Securitisations of Non-Performing Exposures (NPEs)”
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Our CEO’s participation at the Banking Summit - Mapping the way to growth (22/03/2022), section “Restoring the attractiveness of the Greek financial system”.
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Ilias E. Xirouhakis, HFSF CEO “Our Sustainability Report communicates HFSF’s approach and efforts in relation to ESG and Sustainability issues, as well as our contribution towards promoting sustainable finance and sustainability practices in the Greek banking system; additionally, it portrays the Fund’s engagement and responsibility towards its various stakeholders in achieving its ultimate goal of a banking system that will support sustainable development and, at the same time, ensuring a positive outcome to wider society” 1st HFSF ESG/Sustainability Report for 2020 presents its approach in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues Read more HFSF bulletin No 1
Greek banking sector’s 2021 EU-wide Stress Test results
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Mr. Ilias E. Xirouhakis’, HFSF CEO, article regarding banks’ modern risks as published in Vima Sunday edition 26/09 Read more Focused on providing a sustainable financial environment and safeguarding the stability of the Greek banking system, Read more Going green in all business and social practices is a key prerequisite for obtaining and, most importantly, maintaining a sustainable environment. Read more “We strongly support the Banks’ adopting the Principles for Responsible Banking of the United Nations Environment Program.” Andreas Verykios Image Read more Andreas Verykios, Chairman


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Founding statue of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund
First Recapitalization of Greek Banks (25.5 billions euros)
Third Recapitalization of Greek Banks (5.3 billions euros)
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HFSF at a Glance

HFSF’s statutory objective is to protect the public interest and to support the financial stability

Our Strategic priorities

Stability and profitability for the sake of public interest.

Our 10-year plus presence

How we have helped build economic stability and value.

Our Portfolio

Focused on our stakeholder role.