Focused on providing a sustainable financial environment and safeguarding the stability of the Greek banking system Read more Going green in all business and social practices is a key prerequisite for obtaining and, most importantly, maintaining a sustainable environment. Read more “We strongly support the Banks’ adopting the Principles for Responsible Banking of the United Nations Environment Program.” Andreas Verykios Image Read more Andreas Verykios, Chairman For 10 years now we have acted as a pillar of stability for the Greek economy in pursuit of sustainable growth Read more


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Founding statue of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund
First Recapitalization of Greek Banks (25.5 billions euros)
Third Recapitalization of Greek Banks (5.3 billions euros)
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HFSF at a Glance

HFSF’s statutory objective is to protect the public interest and to support the financial stability

Our Strategic priorities

Stability and profitability for the sake of public interest.

Our 10 year presence

How we have helped build economic stability and value.

Our Portfolio

Focused on our stakeholder role.



HFSF safety measures in relation to Covid 19 Coronavirus

Showing its concern over the safety of its employees and stakeholders, HFSF is fully compliant with all mandatory actions and incorporated these into its daily business process, leading to a safer working environment.

As part of this effort, HFSF has endorsed the Work-from-Home rotational model approach, giving all employees the option to perform their daily business duties from the safety of their household.

A range of additional measures is in place such as online meetings, mandatory mask usage within HFSF premises, antiseptic and antibacterial automated installation systems, bare minimum of office meetings with physical presence, hygiene protocol including daily antibacterial cleaning and weekly thorough decontamination process.

HFSF will continue to monitor all developments on Covid 19 pandemic and ensure that its employees and stakeholders’ safety is safeguarded by initiating all measures and precautions.