Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Fund, apart from its primary purpose which is to contribute in maintaining the stability of the Greek banking system based on public interest, is an integral part of Greek society and could not be indifferent to anything that touches the wider society. In this framework, the Fund through a targeted Corporate Social Responsibility programme that is in line with its institutional role actively participates with specific actions that contribute in improving the quality of life of socially vulnerable groups.  Whether it is the Fund’s contribution in the attempt of tackling the pandemic or supporting the Make-a-Wish Foundation’s significant work, whenever conditions allow, HFSF will be on society’s side.

Donation of 3 complete intensive care unit configurations for the fight against Codiv-19.

Recognizing the incalculable contribution of the medical and nursing staff of our country towards the society as a whole in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the need for immediate expansion of the health care system, the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund, in accordance with the Ministry of Finance, participates actively in the national effort to deal with the crisis,caused by the pandemic of corona virus,and to protect the health of citizens.

For this purpose, three modern, fully equipped Intensive Care Units (ICUs) were immediately offered, including beds, respirators, equal number of monitors and other equipment, to strengthen the National Health System.

The use of the equipment was coordinated by the Ministry of Health, depending on the needs of the Greek hospitals throughout the country. Experiencing this unprecedented situation, the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund with a spirit of optimism and solidarity, proceeded to the above mentioned contribution for the human struggle waged by all today, emphasizing on the importance of overcoming this crisis at the lowest possible cost to our society.