HFSF publishes its 2nd Sustainability Report for 2021

HFSF publishes its second Sustainability Report for 2021. This Report presents the Fund’s approach to issues related to the Environment, Society and Corporate Governance (ESG), as well as the significant impact and opportunities that are being created to the banking system and the society.  HFSF Sustainability Report   for   2021   has   been   developed   in   accordance   with   international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards. Aiming at continuous improvement, for the first time, this year’s Report captures the Funds’ carbon footprint from its internal operations and includes external independent auditor’s limited assurance.

HFSF continues to place significant emphasis on ESG matters and Sustainable Development for its operations, while, at the same time, it cooperates with banks aiming at creating a banking system, which supports sustainable development thus, highlighting the sector’s positive contribution to the society.

As the HFSF gradually enters its divestment phase, its major intention is to create shareholders’ value and enhance the franchise value of its participations. ESG matters are a growingly important factor for enhancing franchise value and consequently added value for the Funds’ participations.

The 2nd Sustainability Report can be found on HFSF website.  To read please click here

The HFSF Sustainability Report for 2021 is issued following the issuance of the annual financial report of the Fund for 2021, approved by the HFSF’s Board of Directors on 15 November 2022, in compliance with the provisions of par. 2 of article 13 of its founding law (3864/2010).

The financial results were issued, as usually, following the publication of the annual financial report for the year ended 31.12.2021 by all credit institutions, in the share capital of which the Fund participates or it has funded according to the provisions of Law 3864/2010 and Law 3601/2007 (credit institutions under liquidation, of which the Fund covered the funding gap). The issuance of HFSF’s financial results also follows the issuance of the corresponding results of the Single Liquidator for the credit and financial institutions under liquidation in Greece (PQH).

HFSF, in pursuit of maintaining the stability of the Greek banking system for the sake of public interest, continues to support any initiative and action aiming at enhancing the society’s financial strength.