International Awards in Corporate Governance and Best Chief Executive Officer in 2022 for the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund

The Hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF) two awards from the international organization International Finance Awards.
The first award for Best Corporate Governance – Financial Institute 2022. The award was granted following a detailed assessment of the contribution of the HFSF to innovative actions of support to the banking market, actions which are implemented with respect to, and in strict compliance with, corporate governance best practices.
The second award relates to the selection of the HFSF Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ilias Xirouhakis, as the Best CEO – Financial Institute for 2022.
According to International Finance Awards, the awards are granted following careful evaluation by a specialized research team who identifies organizations that can demonstrate significant achievements. The HFSF holds a top position among those organizations, thanks to its successful contribution to the development and improvement of the Greek banking market with full adoption of best practices and principles of corporate governance.
To this effort, the contribution of the HFSF CEO, Mr. Ilias Xirouhakis, was instrumental as he has many years of experience in senior management roles in banks and other financial organizations in Greece and abroad.
The International Finance Awards recognize talent, leadership skills, true value and abilities on a global scale. Following careful examination of the candidates by a specialized research team, the winners are determined on the basis of their application and their previous achievements. Candidacy for the awards may be submitted by C-level executives and senior representatives of management from the financial sector, banking, asset management, brokerage, insurance, logistics and utilities, mainly from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.
The International Finance Awards aim at recognizing the contribution of financial organizations such as the HFSF to the global banking market and at rewarding those with outstanding performance. Moreover, executives with high level of leadership skills and exceptional performance in their areas of expertise are honoured.
The HFSF awards is attributed to the promotion of best corporate governance principles and the implementation of relevant initiative that played a key role in the enhancement of the operation of the Greek systemic Banks’ Board of Directors. The crucial role of the HFSF and its cooperation with the Banks contributed to the increased awareness of the investors on systemic problems and their solutions, encouraging the promotion of transparent policies of responsible governance.
In parallel to the aspiration of transparency and responsibility that are included in the six principles of responsible banking designed by the UN, HFSF’s focus on effectiveness contributed to the creation of a new era of stable, sustainable and profitable growth of Greek banks.