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Eurobank: HFSF holding 1.4% at Eurobank.

Under HFSF Law 3864/2010 (article 10, paragraph 2) the HFSF has the right to have one representative on each bank’s board. The HFSF’s Representatives are the Non-Executive Directors that are appointed by decision of the HFSF’s General Council, to the BoD of each Bank and exercise the voting rights in the respective Board Committees on behalf of HFSF. The HFSF’s Representatives are accomplished executives with extensive experience in the banking sector.

Eurobank Holdings and its subsidiaries consisting mainly of Eurobank S.A. are active in retail, corporate and private banking, asset management, treasury & capital markets. The Bank operates mainly in Greece and Southeastern Europe. It is incorporated in Greece and its shares are listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.  Eurobank Holdings has 100% of the share capital of the Bank and maintains activities related to the strategic planning of the administration of non-performing loans and the provision of services to the Group companies and third parties.    

The percentage of Eurobank Holdings’ ordinary shares with restricted voting rights held by the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund stands at 1.40% (aka 52.080.673 common shares).  Eurobank Holdings and HFSF have entered a Relationship Framework Agreement in 2015 and in March 2020 entered a Tripartite Relationship Framework Agreement (TRFA) executed among the Bank, Eurobank Holdings and HFSF.

Efi Deli

Efi Deli has a diverse experience in Banking, Financial Consulting and Hotel/Real Estate, spanning more than 25 years. She has held senior positions, in financial institutions operating in Greece, has also worked as senior business consultant for Andersen Consulting, both in Greece and abroad, while she has held Board-level positions in various corporations.

Since January 2021 she is HFSF representative in the Board of Eurobank in Greece.

She holds a BSc degree (with honors) in Statistics from the Athens University of Economics and Business, and an MSc in MIS from the London School of Economics.