Stewardship Policy

HFSF Stewardship Policy

Stewardship refers to engagement with stakeholders to promote strategic and corporate governance practices that are consistent with encouraging long-term value creation for shareholders. It enhances overall financial market stability and economic growth and is directly linked to sustainable benefits for the economy and society.

HFSF’s Stewardship Policy outlines the Fund’s current monitoring and engagement activities, as well as supporting the “stewardship phase” of its Divestment policy and aligning and strengthening the Fund’s position with international investor community practices.

As part of the preparation for ultimately divesting its holdings, the HFSF recognizes that there is a need for transparency and clarity about its powers, objectives and actions. This requires it to engage not only with bank boards and management and EU and national regulators and supervisors, but also with current and potential future shareholders. The development and publication of the Stewardship Policy is part of that process.